Three-year action plan for improving the quality of raw materials industry (2018-2020)

Notice of the Four Departments on Printing and Distributing the Three-Year Action Plan for Quality Improvement of Raw Material Industry (2018-2020)


Notice of the General Administration of Market Supervision of the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on Printing and Distributing the Three-Year Action Plan for Quality Improvement of Raw Material Industry (2018-2020)

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Branch [ 2018 ] No. 198

The provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government and cities with separate plans, the industrial and information administration departments of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, the Science and Technology Department (committee, bureau), the competent commercial administration department, the administration for industry and commerce, and the quality and technology supervision bureau (market supervision and management department) Industry Association:
We will issue you the “Three-Year Action Plan for Quality Improvement of Raw Material Industry (2018 – 2020 )”, please implement it carefully.

  • Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

  • Ministry of Science

  • Ministry of Commerce

  • General Administration of Markets

October 16, 2018

Translated by Google Translate:  Three-Year Action Plan for Quality Improvement of Raw Material Industry (2018-2020)

The raw material industry is the foundation and pillar industry of the national economy, and its development level directly affects the quality and efficiency of the development of the manufacturing industry. With the deepening of structural reform on the supply side, the quality of China’s raw material industrial products has been continuously improved, and the variety structure has been continuously optimized. It has played an important role in stabilizing growth, adjusting structure, promoting reform, benefiting people’s livelihood and ensuring safety. At the same time, the raw material industry still has a large gap compared with the international advanced level in terms of quality infrastructure, key process technology, product quality and effective supply capacity, and it is difficult to meet the requirements of China’s high-quality economic development. In order to further improve the quality and efficiency of the development of the raw material industry, and better support the construction of a strong manufacturing country and a strong quality country, this action plan will be formulated.

The overall requirements

Guided by Xi Jinping’s new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, comprehensively implement the spirit of the 19th Party Congress, firmly establish a new development concept, deepen the supply-side structural reform as the main line, and thoroughly implement the “Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council on the implementation of quality improvement actions.” Guideline, to improve the quality and efficiency of raw material industry development, adhere to the main body of the enterprise , market-led, government guidance, adhere to demand traction , innovation-driven , production and integration , improve product quality reliability, stability, consistency level, Increasing the effective supply of high-performance, functional and differentiated products will drive the overall improvement of the quality brand of raw materials industry and provide a guarantee for the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry.

The target of action

By 2020, the quality of China’s raw material products has improved significantly. Some medium and high-end products have entered the global supply chain system, the supply structure has been optimized, and the structural reform of the raw material industry supply side has achieved positive results.

Steel industry: The quality stability, reliability and durability of general steel products are significantly improved. The batch stability and consistency of high-performance steel materials are steadily increasing. The proportion of products with the physical quality of steel products reaching international level exceeds 50 %. The research and development and industrialization of high-end steel products in marine engineering and high-tech ships, advanced rail transit, aerospace and other fields have made positive progress, breaking through 3-4 key steel products every year.

Non-ferrous metals industry: high-quality ships, advanced rail transit, energy-saving and new energy vehicles and other key areas of non-ferrous metal materials with uniform quality improvement, effective supply of high-end products. The overall quality level of non-ferrous metal products has increased, and the comprehensive support capacity of in-depth processing products such as aviation aluminum and copper strips has exceeded 70% .

Petrochemical industry: The quality level of bulk basic organic chemical raw materials, key synthetic materials and special chemicals has been significantly improved. Overcoming the technical bottleneck of a number of new polymer materials, membrane materials and high-end specialty chemicals. The basic raw materials such as olefins and aromatic hydrocarbons and the new chemical materials support capacity have been significantly improved. The proportion of green products has increased significantly, and the proportion of new fertilizers has increased to about 30% .

Building materials industry: Industrial glass, advanced ceramics, artificial crystal materials industrialization has made significant progress, the quality of high-performance inorganic fibers and their reinforced composite materials has been greatly improved, the production of graphene materials has reached the international advanced level, and the support capacity of advanced inorganic non-metallic materials has been significantly improved. The quality of building materials has been accelerated, the quality assurance capability of cement and flat glass has been greatly improved, and the variety of mineral functional materials has become increasingly abundant. The proportion of green building materials used in new buildings has reached 40 %.

Improve the standard supply system

(1) Improve the advancement of standards. Accelerate the organization and implementation of key raw material standard revision and revision plans, focusing on the standardization requirements of material production process control, characterization and testing, performance evaluation and service evaluation, and improve the standard technical level of products and general process standards to meet green, energy-saving, water-saving, Safety and environmental development needs.

(2) Improve the synergy of standards. Focus on scientific research, production, users, measurement, testing and certification , and jointly promote the revision and revision of product standards and application standards in key areas ; strengthen the synergy between upstream and downstream standards , and promote the establishment of standard groups covering the entire life cycle of products ; A new standard system for the coordinated development of national standards, industry standards , group standards , and corporate standards .

(3) Improve the standards. Actively participate in international standardization work, increase the tracking, evaluation and transformation of international standards and foreign advanced standards, increase the international standard conversion rate of key raw material products, and form a raw material standard system that is in line with international standards. Encourage social groups to focus on the needs of industrial development, formulate advanced group standards that meet market and innovation needs and have international leading standards, vigorously promote the application demonstration of advanced group standards, and lead the industry’s high-quality development.

Fourth, the implementation of quality technology research

(4) Breaking through key common technologies. Organize the analysis of key raw materials and key products, strengthen comparative research with leading international products, and identify comparative advantages and shortcomings. Strengthen the research of quality basic technology, support enterprises to take international advanced quality standards as benchmarks, strengthen the research and development and application of key common technologies for quality improvement, and support the construction of national and provincial manufacturing innovation centers in the raw material industry.

(5) Optimize quality control technology. Promote the development and application of advanced technologies such as intelligent manufacturing and green manufacturing, optimize production process and quality control system, improve the quality control level of the whole process ; strengthen the construction of inspection and testing institutions in the raw materials field, and encourage the application of process quality data collection, integration and comprehensive analysis and evaluation technology. Improve the quality control and technical evaluation system of raw material products.

(6) Accelerate the transformation of technological achievements. Strengthen original innovation, integrated innovation and introduction, digestion, absorption and innovation, research and development of new technologies and new technologies, and form a group of core technologies that drive the development of the raw material industry as soon as possible. Support the transfer of technology transfer and the first commercial application, promote the transformation of basic research results of major applications, and promote the evaluation of application technology maturity in new technologies and new products.

Conduct quality grading evaluation

(7) Establish a quality grading system. Promote the effective connection of quality grading with product standards, measurement and testing, testing and certification technologies, and encourage the development of group standards around application requirements and quality grading of key products. The role of the market mechanism will be promoted to promote the integration and optimization of quality inspection and certification resources. Each industry will focus on cultivating one or two certification bodies engaged in quality grading evaluation and promote the establishment of a quality grading and release mechanism for major raw materials.

(8) Constructing scientific evaluation methods. Support professional bodies such as certification bodies to combine market demand, parameterize technical factors affecting product quality based on enterprise equipment, technical capabilities and product big data, and establish evaluation models for raw materials involving important projects such as major engineering construction, national defense security, and national economy and people’s livelihood. The quality assurance capability of the product is evaluated. Encourage the downstream of the industrial chain to conduct physical quality comparisons on the materials used.

(9) Strengthen the application of evaluation results. Give play to the role of industry associations and certification bodies , regularly publish quality product evaluation and certification results, and strengthen industry self-discipline and social supervision. To study the market-based procurement mechanism that promotes quality grading evaluation and certification results, and guides enterprises to improve product quality and foster a market environment of “ high quality and good price ” .

Promote the quality of ” Internet +”

(10) Promote the construction of smart factories. Continue to promote the intelligent transformation of raw material enterprises, promote digital technology, system integration technology, key technical equipment, intelligent manufacturing equipment, build intelligent workshops / factories, focus on cultivating process-based intelligent manufacturing, improve design, manufacturing, process, management level, and promote production The way is to transform into flexibility, intelligence and refinement to improve product quality.

(11) Carry outsmart quality management. Support enterprises to collect, organize and analyze the quality data of key nodes in the whole process based on industrial Internet, carry out quality diagnosis and early warning, optimize process design, realize dynamic optimization of production process, visualize the whole process of manufacturing and management information, and promote enterprise resource allocation, process optimization, Intelligent control of process control, industrial chain management, energy conservation and emission reduction, and improve the quality of intelligent quality management.

(12) Improve the quality traceability. Application of information technology such as Internet of Things, cloud computing, and big data to improve the traceability of raw material products. Encourage raw material production enterprises and downstream enterprises to establish a quality traceability mechanism, establish a traceability database of raw material products covering design, production, circulation, application, etc., and dock with the national important product traceability management platform to achieve quality information sharing and strengthen quality and safety management. risk control.

Improve the quality of industrial clusters

(13) To build a quality competitive industrial cluster. In combination with the national new industrialization industry demonstration base, manufacturing innovation center and industrial cluster regional brand construction work, the industrial cluster quality improvement actions in the industrial clusters of steel, petrochemical, nonferrous metals and building materials are guided by intelligence, green, environmental protection and safety. Cultivate quality competitive industrial clusters with standards, technology, reputation, efficiency and efficiency as the key elements.

(14) Build a “one-stop” service system. Establish an industrial cluster quality improvement service system, highlight regional characteristics, and introduce services such as measurement and calibration, standard popularization, inspection and certification and certification consulting, quality diagnosis and improvement, and brand cultivation. Guide the formulation of industry cluster quality brand building group standards, increase the protection of intellectual property rights and collective trademarks, and support the development of high-quality industrial clusters in the direction of intelligent manufacturing and green manufacturing.

(15) Cultivate world-class advanced manufacturing clusters. Guide innovative resources to gather in raw material industry clusters, promote collaborative manufacturing and collaborative innovation of industrial clusters, and support the optimization and upgrading of raw material industry clusters . We will cultivate a number of raw material industrial clusters with industrial bases, R&D resources, supporting capabilities and market conditions to promote China’s raw materials into the global high-end supply chain system and create a first-class regional brand of raw material industry clusters .

Optimize the quality of development environment

(16) Enhancing public service capabilities. We will increase the construction of quality brand public service platforms, improve the quality information collection and release system, improve the joint quality and trustworthy joint incentives and untrustworthy joint disciplinary system, and implement quality traceability systems in key areas. Create a batch of industrial technology basic public service platform focusing on quality improvement , improve reliability test verification, environmental adaptability evaluation, fault and defect analysis, measurement test , standard revision , certification and approval, inspection and inspection, industrial information, knowledge Technical support such as property rights .

(17) Promote quality and social governance. Strictly implement the standard conditions of steel, building materials and other industries, guide enterprises to carry out self-declaration in line with the norms, support industry associations to carry out industry self-discipline activities, and urge enterprises to regulate operations. Increase the sampling inspection of bulk products after the production license is decentralized, promote the survey of the satisfaction of bulk raw materials quality, and guide enterprises to form a user-centered business philosophy , from the main provision of product manufacturing to the provision of products and services, and promote the raw material industry. Service-oriented manufacturing transformation .

(18) Develop quality brand creation. Intensify the promotion of “ China Brand Day ” , the national “ Quality Month ” and “ Integrity and Prosperity Month ” activities , promote the implementation of raw material industry brand cultivation management system standards, guide enterprises to establish a sense of integrity management, and establish innovation and quality as the connotation The differentiated competitive advantage promotes the interactive development of regional brands and corporate brands. Support the development of mass quality brand promotion activities, promote entrepreneurship and artisan spirit, and guide enterprises to firmly establish the quality first, brand-led awareness.

Safeguard measures

( 19 ) Establish a collaborative working mechanism. Strengthen departmental coordination and establish and improve coordinated promotion mechanisms for governments, enterprises, industry organizations, research institutes, testing institutions and industry alliances, technology alliances, and think tanks. Relying on the leading role of leading enterprises, we will strengthen communication and cooperation in strategy, technology, standards and market, and form a situation of coordinated development between upstream and downstream.

(20 ) Increase financial and financial support. Improve the multi-raising and guarantee mechanism for quality development funds, and promote the quality of raw materials, quality innovation, quality management and quality infrastructure construction. We will explore the establishment of a credit enhancement financing system that is in line with the characteristics of the raw material industry and centered on comprehensive quality competitiveness, and incorporate quality levels, standard levels, and brand values into corporate credit evaluation indicators. Exploring the establishment of quality insurance mechanism for industrial procurement products, increasing the promotion of product quality insurance, and supporting enterprises to use insurance to promote product quality improvement and new product promotion and application.

( 21 ) Strengthen the training of quality talents. Implement the “Guidelines for the Planning of Manufacturing Talents Development” and accelerate the training and introduction of a group of high-end, composite quality work talents. Relying on the construction of the quality brand public service platform, we will establish a quality education network in which all employees and the whole society participate together. Organize raw material enterprises to carry out comprehensive quality management and popular education, and improve the quality management awareness and level of business managers and front-line employees.

( 22 ) Improve the quality infrastructure. We will strengthen the measurement and testing technology research on the value transfer technology with key features in the field of raw materials and key parameters in key fields, and actively cultivate and construct industrial measurement and testing centers in the field of raw materials. Strengthen the construction of industrial technology foundation public service platform in the field of raw materials, and carry out intellectual property protection and application. Establish and improve the evaluation system for raw material testing capabilities, build a laboratory and field capability verification service platform, and test and evaluate the raw material standards.

( 23 ) Play the role of industry organization . Give full play to the role of various industry associations in the relationship between government and enterprises, as well as the role of quality inspection agencies in various industries, actively carry out international benchmarking, aim at the development of the industry to promote quality and technology research, conduct investigation and research, industry statistics, testing and certification, Work on information consultation, education and training, standardization, etc., and strengthen the exchange and promotion of experience in the quality benchmark of raw materials industry .

(24) Strengthen international exchanges and cooperation. Make full use of bilateral and multilateral international cooperation mechanisms, grasp the opportunity of “One Belt and One Road ” , encourage domestic and foreign scientific research institutes, industries and enterprises to expand communication channels, and extensively carry out international cooperation in the fields of technological innovation, standard setting and quality control to enhance raw material products. The quality level pushes the industry to the middle and high end.




Issuing authority:  MIIT, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Commerce, General Administration of Market Supervision
title: Notice of the General Administration of Market Supervision of the Ministry of Science and Technology of the MIIT on Printing and Distributing the Three-Year Action Plan for Quality Improvement of Raw Material Industry (2018-2020)
Send text number: Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Department [2018] No. 198
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