Report: The Low Carbon Economy Report – Goldman Sachs

Excellent report from Goldman Sachs providing great insights on the low carbon economy!




The Low Carbon Economy

GS SUSTAIN equity investor’s guide to a low carbon world, 2015-25

We explore the low carbon economy, now a growing, $600 bn+ pa revenue opportunity. Between 2015 and 2020, solar PV and onshore wind will add more to global energy supply than US shale oil production did between 2010 and 2015. By 2020, six in ten light bulbs will be LEDs; and our analysts expect carmakers to sell 25 million hybrid & electric vehicles by 2025, 10x more than today. We estimate that these technologies will save >5 Gt of CO2 emissions per annum by 2025 and could help global emissions to peak earlier than expected around 2020, with ripple effects felt across our global coverage. Find the report here


Date: 2015
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