Notice of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the Ministry of Natural Resources on the first batch of rare earth mining and smelting separation control plans issued in 2019

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Release time: 2019-03-15   Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Lianyuan [2019] No. 55

China Rare Earth Rare Earth Co., Ltd., Minmetals Rare Earth Group Co., Ltd., North China Rare Earth (Group) High-Tech Co., Ltd., Xiamen Tungsten Industry Co., Ltd., China Southern Rare Earth Group Co., Ltd., Guangdong Rare Earth Industry Group Co., Ltd., related provinces (District) Industrial and Natural Resources Competent Authorities:
After research, the first batch of rare earth mining and smelting and separation total control plans for 2019 were determined, and you are now released. The relevant matters are notified as follows:

1. Rare earth is a product strictly controlled by the state for mining and smelting and separation. Any unit or individual shall not produce without plan and super plan. In 2019, the first batch of rare earth mining and smelting and separation total control plans will be issued at 50% of the 2018 annual indicators, respectively, of 60,000 tons and 57,500 tons. The second batch of plans will take into account market demand and the implementation of each group in 2019. Released before the end of June.

2. Each rare earth group shall, within 20 working days after the release of the plan, promptly apply to the provincial (district) industrial and natural resources administrative department where the subordinate enterprise is located, and report the disaggregation of the plan to the Ministry of Industry, Information and Natural Resources and the Ministry of Natural Resources. And the provincial (district) industrial and natural resources authorities for the record. At the same time, the portal website publicizes the list of mines and all smelting and separating enterprises in the same year.

3. the plan should be centralized to key enterprises with advanced technology and high environmental protection level. It is necessary to strictly manage and rationally allocate the project construction project plan for recycling and utilization of rare earth resources to further increase the concentration of the plan. An enterprise that has one of the following conditions may not allocate a plan:

(1) The mining enterprise does not have a mining license or a safe production license, and the recycling of rare earth resources projects that have been stopped or the relevant competent authorities explicitly request that the production be rectified;

(2) Rare earth smelting use separate companies have been included in the prohibition or elimination of backward production technology and directory smelting and separation capacity of less than 2000 tons (REO) / year, or explicitly require authorities to stop production for rectification; (iii) reach the “rare earth industrial pollutants Emission standards and radiological protection requirements;

(4) long-term production suspension, no production conditions.

4. We must organize production according to plan, strictly abide by relevant laws and regulations such as environmental protection and resource development, and strictly prohibit unlicensed and cross-border mining of rare earth resources; it is strictly forbidden to carry out processing on behalf of the group (including entrusted processing); comprehensive utilization enterprises are not allowed to process rare earth mineral products ( Including imported ore); the use of overseas rare earth resources needs to provide complete import procedures, and truthfully fill in the purchase volume and usage in the rare earth product traceability system.

5. No unplanned or super-planned production. For enterprises that have excessive plans to produce, purchase and process illegal mineral products, etc., the company will reduce the plan until the next year of the group’s next year’s plan, and the planned plan will be transferred to the plan. group.

6. The relevant provincial (district) industrial and natural resources authorities shall, in conjunction with the industrial order rectification work, further strengthen cooperation, effectively implement the plan implementation supervision responsibility, verify the implementation of the enterprise plan on time, strictly trace the source of illegal mineral products, and punish according to law. All rare earth groups should report the implementation of the plan truthfully, upload the data to the rare earth product traceability system (including imported mines) in a timely manner, and do not arbitrarily change the data such as production and inventory. Enterprises that report or report data will be notified and reduced.

Please report the data and production status of the previous month before the 10th of each month (the holiday is extended) according to the requirements of the statistical report (see Attachment 2), and report the data of the traceability system of the rare earth products.

Contact: Department of Raw Materials Industry, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Zhang Meihui
Department of Mining Rights Management, Natural Resources Department Zhu Yue Tel: 010-68205577 (including fax) 010-66558339


1. Total Rare Earth Mining, Smelting Separation Total Control Plan

2. Table 2. 619 Rare Earth Group Production Statistics Report for 2019


Source: Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Natural Resources Department

Published: February 27, 2019

Original Source: MIIT website original Chinese announcement

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