Notice of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the Ministry of Natural Resources on Issuing the 2019 Total Control Index of Rare Earth Mining and Smelting Separation and the Total Control Index of Tungsten Mining

Relevant provincial (district) industry and information authorities, natural resources authorities, China Rare Earth Co., Ltd., Minmetals Rare Earth Group Co., Ltd., North China Rare Earth (Group) Hi-Tech Co., Ltd., Xiamen Tungsten Co., Ltd., China Southern Rare Earth Group Co., Ltd. and Guangdong Rare Earth Industry Group Co., Ltd.:

Now we will give you the total control index of rare earth mining and smelting separation and the total control index of tungsten mining in 2019. Relevant matters are notified as follows:

1. Rare earths and tungsten are products strictly controlled by the state in terms of total production control. No unit or individual may produce without plan or beyond plan. In 2019, the national total rare earth mining and smelting separation total control indicators were 132,000 tons and 127,000 tons, respectively. The national tungsten concentrate (65% tungsten trioxide content) total mining control index is 105,000 tons, of which the main mining index is 78,150 tons and the comprehensive utilization index is 26,850 tons. The above indicators include the first batch of indicators that have been issued.

2. Each rare earth group shall promptly discuss the provincial (regional) industry and informatization department where the subordinate enterprise is located, and decompose the smelting separation index to reach the enterprise. The index decomposition shall be reported to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the province (region) industry and Recorded by the competent information department. Relevant provincial natural resources authorities shall timely release the mining index of rare earth mines and tungsten mines to cities and counties, and report the breakdown of the index to the Ministry of Natural Resources for record. Relevant provincial-level industrial and information technology, natural resources authorities and rare earth groups have done a good job in the process of index decomposition, and within 15 working days after the issuance of the notice, the index will be broken down and reported to the record.

3. The total control index of rare earth mining and smelting separation should be allocated to key enterprises with advanced technology and equipment and high environmental protection level to further increase the index concentration. Enterprises under any of the following circumstances shall not be allocated indicators:

(1) The mining enterprise does not have a mining license or a safety production license, and the construction of the recycled rare earth resource project or the relevant competent department has explicitly requested to stop production and rectification;

(2) Rare earth smelting and separation enterprises using outdated production processes and smelting and separation capacity of less than 2,000 tons (REO) per year that have been included in the banned or eliminated catalogue, or those specifically required by the relevant departments to stop production and rectification;

(3) Failure to meet the environmental protection requirements of the “Emission Standards of Rare Earth Industry Pollutants” and radioactive protection;

(4) Long-term suspension of production without production conditions.

4. Strictly organize production according to indicators, abide by environmental protection, resource development, and other relevant regulations; strictly prohibit rare earth processing (including entrusted processing), and may not purchase and process illegal rare earth mineral products; rare earth comprehensive utilization enterprises shall not process rare earth mineral products (including imported minerals Products); the use of overseas rare earth resources must provide complete import procedures.

5. The relevant provincial (district) industry, informatization, and natural resources authorities should strengthen communication and coordination, cooperate closely, share information, and check the implementation of enterprise indicators within the jurisdiction on time, and jointly complete the total rare earth mining, smelting, and separation total control indicators and tungsten Supervision and management of total mining control indicators.

6. Each rare earth group shall report the implementation status of the indicators on time and truthfully, and fill in the rare earth product traceability system (including the use of imported mineral products).

In accordance with the requirements of the statistical report (see Annex 3), six rare earth groups are required to report the data and production status of the rare earth enterprises to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology before the 10th of each month (holiday extension) and report the data of the rare earth product tracking system.

Contact: Han Baohong, Department of Raw Materials Industry, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Mining Rights Management Department, Ministry of Natural Resources; Telephone: 010-68205577 (including fax) 010-66558339



1. Attachment 1: Total Rare Earth Group Mining, Smelting and Separation Control Index for 2019

2. Annex 2: The total control index of rare earth mines and tungsten mines in provinces (regions) in 2019

3. Attachment 3: Production statistics of 6 rare earth groups in 2019



























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