Geely presents wide-ranging electric vehicle strategy

Geely is on course to electrify no less than 90 per cent of its lineup by 2020 and has now specified said evolution. Their new energy strategy ‘Geely Intelligent Power’ outlines 30 novel electric and hybrid models, with NEVs boasting a range over 500 km. Plus, Geely looks 5 years ahead technologically.

China’s Geely had set sails for electric currents already back in 2015 when they promised that 90 percent of their sales would come from electrified models reportedly. With the latest publication of their ‘Geely Intelligent Power’ plan, details have been added that include entirely new PEVs and their first fuel cell model.

The beginning of the era of new energy vehicles at Geely marks what they call their new flagship. The Bo Rui GE comes with both mild-hybrid as well as plug-in hybrid versions. The mild hybrid system provides an additional 10kW of power giving the model a combined 142kW power and 300nm torque. With the same 1.5TD engine, the Bo Rui GE PHEV has a combined power of 192kW. With an 11.3kwh lithium battery, electric range is at 60km.

Furthermore, Geely wants to launch their first fuel cell vehicle by 2025. Before though, they plan 30 more electric and hybrid cars, according to the strategy that rests on four technological pillars: alternative fuels, fuel cell, pure electric, and hybrid technologies many of which Geely is developing in-house.

Says CEO and President of Geely, An Conghui: “Geely follows a diversified and pragmatic new energy development strategy that puts importance on real substance than hype. In order to achieve our goals, we have invested far above the industry average in R&D, established four global R&D centers with over 2,500 world-class new energy researchers, created an innovative new energy R&D system, developed new vehicle architecture technology, and received hundreds of patents for core technologies.”

Geely recently released the Emgrand EV 450 that now got the hybrid Bo Rui GE at its side. Aother 20 plug-in cars are to follow before the decade’s end reportedly.

In order to ramp up supply, Geely plans to invest 5bn dollars into a new facility for EV and PHEV models in China (we reported).

Author: Nora Manthey
Date: May 30, 2018


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