Dyson electric car: ex-BMW boss takes charge

Former BMW and Infiniti boss Ronald Krueger will oversee the Dyson electric car project

The Dyson electric car project will be led by former head of BMW and Infiniti, Roland Krueger, the company has announced.

Krueger, who until a fortnight ago was president of Infiniti and senior vice-president of its parent company Nissan, will carry out his new role at Dyson’s factory in Singapore.

He will oversee the construction and development of the long-awaited Dyson electric car, which is expected to launch in 2021.

Our sister site Auto Express reports that Dyson CEO Jim Rowan believes Krueger will be an “excellent fit” for the company, which is almost exclusively known for its vacuum-cleaner range in Britain.

“Roland is experienced globally,” said Rowan. “He has knowledge of China, which is a key EV market, and he’s a designer by background but also understands commercial aspects.


“He’s a disruptor. And based on his leadership, and the head of steam that we’ve already built up, we expect to go in and disrupt the car industry like we’ve done in other areas.”

Little is known about Dyson’s planned venture into car manufacturing, other than that the vehicle will be purely electric.

Around 450 people are now working on the project, most based at Dyson’s facility in Hullavington, Wiltshire. As much as £775 million is expected to be invested in the car this year alone, although that figure will be spent globally and not exclusively in the UK.

Dyson has refused to be drawn on performance figures such as size, range or power, although it’s anticipated that the finished product will make use of cutting-edge, solid-state battery technology.

The project is still on course to be delivered on time, with prototypes set to begin testing in 2020.

Source: Driving electric
Date: 22.01.2019


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