Comprehensively carry out the special supervision work of the rare earth industry order rectification to create a fair market environment for the sustainable and healthy development of the industry

Since the promulgation of the “Several Opinions of the State Council on Promoting the Sustainable and Healthy Development of the Rare Earth Industry” (Guo Fa [2011] No. 12), members of the Rare Metals Inter-Ministerial Coordination Mechanism have jointly launched a number of special campaigns to combat rare earth violations and investigated In the typical case, the industry order has improved. However, due to the interests, the problem of black rare earths such as private mining and unplanned production still occurs from time to time, seriously disrupting the market order and the normal production and operation activities of legitimate enterprises. The illegal production and operation of rare earths has become a major challenge for the development of the industry.

In order to further deepen the coordination and cooperation of the departments, effectively implement the local government’s supervisory duties, and maintain the high-pressure situation of rare earth violations and regulations, with the approval of the State Council leaders, this year, the key rare earth producing areas will be jointly organized by the members of the Rare Metals Inter-Ministerial Coordination Mechanism. The supervision of the order rectification work is carried out. The inspection was led by the departmental and ministerial leaders of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Natural Resources, the Development and Reform Commission, the Emergency Department, the General Administration of Customs, the Tax Headquarters, and the General Administration of Market Supervision. Industry associations, experts and mainstream news media. Participate in and divide into 8 inspection teams for a period of one month, focusing on the implementation of local government reorganization and implementation, the implementation of rare earth enterprise policies, and the investigation and reporting of clues. The enterprises that have outstanding problems such as unplanned super-planning production, unlicensed exploration and exploitation, trading of illegal rare earth products, polluting the environment, tax evasion and tax evasion, as well as places where work is not implemented, supervision is not in place, and investigations are not timely, will be notified to the whole country, and Investigate the relevant personnel responsibility according to law. This inspection will give full play to the supervision and guidance of the news media, timely publicize the work results and experience gained by the local authorities, and expose the typical cases of violations of laws and regulations to create a good public opinion atmosphere and external environment for order rectification.

The ultimate goal of the supervision is to promote the implementation of policies, maintain a high-pressure situation for rare-country illegal and illegal enterprises, enhance the awareness of local governments and key enterprises to take the initiative and courage, and actively carry out the requirements of order rectification to achieve practical results. By exposing and reporting illegal and illegal enterprises, warning enterprises in the industry not to touch the red line of illegal and illegal activities, create a standardized and orderly market order and a good business environment for legitimate enterprises, improve the development quality of the rare earth industry, and promote the synergy between upstream and downstream industries. development of.


Author: MIIT  – translate by google translate
Date: 2018-10-30
Source: MIIT – Raw Materials Industry Division

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