China Northern Rare Earth Group China (Baotou) releases PrNd prices for January 2018

BEIJING (Asian Metal) 10 Jan 18 – This Tuesday, China Northern Rare Earth (Group) High-tech LLC (“China Northern Rare Earth” or “The company”) announced their guiding prices of PrNd oxide, PrNd mischmetal, neodymium oxide, neodymium metal, lanthanum oxide and cerium oxide for January 2018. The details of prices are as below:

According to the above table, China Northern Rare Earth didn’t adjust PrNd, neodymium, lanthanum and cerium prices this month. Their PrNd oxide, mischmetal, neodymium oxide and metal prices are almost the same with the market prices. Their lanthanum oxide 99.9%min and cerium oxide 99.9%min prices are around 7% and 11% higher than the market prices.

According to Asian Metal’s investigation, the current mainstream prices of PrNd oxide, PrNd mischmetal, neodymium oxide and
neodymium metal increase to RMB325,000-335,000/t (USD50,077-51,618/t) D/P, RMB415,000-425,000/t (USD63,945-65,485/t) D/A 30  days, RMB325,000-335,000/t (USD50,077-51,618/t) D/P and RMB420,000-430,000/t (USD64,715-66,256/t) respectively, up by 5%, 0%, 5% and 1% respectively from early December, but with great increases of 26.4%, 18.3%, 24% and 19.4% from mid-December. As there is a rumor saying that China’s State Reserve Bureau might hold a bidding meeting in late January, PrNd oxide, mischmetal, neodymium oxide and metal suppliers are in no hurry to sell at present. In the end of the year, consumers become a bit active to send inquiries to test the market as they are considering replenishing stocks before the Spring Festival holiday.

The current lanthanum oxide 99.9%min and cerium oxide 99.9%min prices are RMB14,200-14,700/t (USD2,188-2,265/t) D/P and
RMB13,700-14,200/t (USD2,111-2,188/t) D/P, down by 8.3% and 10% from early December. Consumers are in no hurry to purchase in order to avoid losses caused by further price declines.

China Northern Rare Earth (Group) High-tech LLC, being the leading enterprise in China’s rare earth industry, was founded in 1961 and listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange in 1997, stock code 600111. The company owns 3 subordinate plants, 3 wholly-owned subsidiaries, 24 holding subsidiaries and 9 joint stock companies. The company has complete rare earth industry system including rare earth beneficiation, smelt and separation, deep processing, applications as well as scientific research, being able to produce a complete range of rare earth products including rare earth raw materials (concentrate, rare earth carbonate, oxides and salts, metal), rare earth functional materials (polishing materials, hydrogen storage materials, magnetic materials, luminescent materials, catalytic materials), rare earth applications (nickel-metal hydride batteries, rare earth permanent magnet resonator).

Source: Asian Metal
Date: 10 January 2018

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