Feb 2017 – China Northern Rare Earth Group “Baotou” announced a 6% price increase for NdPr

The No.1 global supplier of light rare earth elements Northern Rare Earth Group, located in Baotou/China has increased with his published price list of February the price for Nd/Pr of about 6%.

Interesting isn’t it, this did not happen since a long time. Is it a flickering, start of something? Who knows – time will tell, right. Obviously, we as an emerging new Rare Earth supplier have formed an opinion. But let’ say so much…We believe in cycles.

Share with us your point of view, how you see the future Rare earth pricing landscape and in particular for Nd/Pr.

Author: info-re.com
Published: Feb 14, 2017
Original Source: info-re.com


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