An Insight Into Peak Resources; With C.E.O. Rocky Smith

Listen to the latest Interview of our CEO Rocky Smith with Rob Tyson from Dig Deep – The Mining Podcast. 


  • Why Peak’s Ngualla asset is Tier-1 with 26+ years life of mine (22% of the Resource)
  • How electrification of our society is underpinning the global demand of NdPr which represents close to 90% of Peak’s future revenues
  • How Peak’s experienced Management is making a difference incl. Rocky’s career in handling difficult Rare Earth’s processing operations
  • How Peak has such a low CapEx and is the favoured resource amongst its peers.
  • Why Peak is producing Rare Earth oxides instead of a concentrate
  • Why Peak is the leader among its peers
  • Why Peak chose the UK as the location for its Rare Earth refinery

Click here for the complete interview.

Date: 04.04.2019

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