Report: Statoil – Energy Perspectives June 2017

Excellent report from Statoil providing great insights on the Macro economics, future energy demand and E-mobility!

Energy Perspectives

Energy Perspectives is published each year by a team of analysts at Statoil. The report is prepared independently of the company’s strategic and commercial decisions and is intended to provide an analytical assessment of economic developments and long-term perspectives in the international energy market. The 2017 edition was published on June 8.



The report is based on models and frameworks that the company uses in connection with long-term analyses of the energy markets and is intended to foster greater understanding of uncertainty in the long term and how different forces can influence this uncertainty.

Energy Perspectives has become an important reference in international talks on energy and climate-change issues. Each year the team behind the report is invited to international meetings and conferences to present their perspectives.

The scenarios in Energy Perspectives build on assumptions for economic development, energy intensity and energy mix in the period up to 2050.

Macroeconomic and energy market outlook towards 2050


As last year’s edition, the Energy Perspectives report outlines a path for energy sector emission reductions consistent with the 2-degree target, but it will require immediate and coordinated global action.

The 2017 edition of Energy Perspectives was published on Thursday, June 8, and is available for download here.

Author: Statoil
Date: June 8, 2017
Original Source: Statoil 

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