Flighttaxi from Lilium completed successful test flight

For Lilium Aviation it is just really good: first the self-developed electric aircraft lifted on the first test flight as planned, flew a round and then landed safely again. Now the Munich start-up is also experiencing a high-flying flight in the international press. “Is this the future of ridesharness?” Asks the British Daily Mail , also the American Wired, The Verge, the Telegraph and Techcrunch reported. Mashable called the flight taxi “the hitherto coolest flying car”.

The start-up, which is also invested by DHDL lion Frank Thelen, is celebrated for the world’s first successful – albeit unmanned – test flight of an electric aircraft that can start and land vertically. 36 Electric propellers propel the aircraft, twelve of which are mounted on the rear wings and six on the front wings. As in the case of conventional aircraft turbines, the engines suck in air, compress them, and finally let them escape. However, the compressor is operated by an electric motor.


Lilium Aviation is not alone in the market. The Slovakian developer Aeromobil, for example, announced at the Automesse Top Marques Monaco that a self-developed flight car was ready for series production. Aeromobil is based on a flying sports car with eight-meter-wide wings, which can be folded up on the back. However, the aircraft is not electrically operated and requires a driver’s license from his driver. In a test flight in 2015 a prototype crashed and was badly damaged .

The developers of Lilium Aviation, on the other hand, want to place their aircraft as air taxis in the market. With a range of 300 kilometers it is to transport travelers five times faster than on the road. Customers should pay the Lilium-Jet by app and pay for the routes similar to a comparable taxi ride in the car.

In 2016, Atomico, one of the most important European VCs and investment firm of Skype founder Niklas Zennström, had a 10 million euro stake in Lilium. The European space agency ESA also supports the Munich-based company. Before the startup in a seed round in 2015 his starting capital of E42, the investment company of DHDL “lion” Frank Thelen was received. He is therefore celebrating his investment yesterday also in a medium article . After the investment “I got calls and mails from investors and friends who asked if that was a joke,” says Thelen, “but today we celebrate the successful flight.”

Author: Michel Penke
Published: April 21, 2017
Original Source: NGIN
website: https://lilium.com

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