Peak is developing Ngualla to be a long term, environmentally and socially sustainable supplier of choice to the global high technology rare earth market. Peak’s objective is to provide end users the opportunity to source ethical, environmentally friendly and sustainable compliant mined, refined and processed Rare Earth products.

We offer a true transparent and full traceable supply chain solution to enable low carbon technologies in a responsible manner.

The Company’s own ethics and standards in this regard, together with those of its investor partners, match the needs of modern global industry to have a responsible source of materials throughout their product supply chains. The Company aims to make a green and sustainable approach to production a fundamental part of its business strategy and a point of differentiation for its products compared with some other sources of rare earths.

The Company maintains highest standards of environmental, health, safety and social behaviour and aims to ensure that the development of Ngualla benefits all stakeholders including the communities in which it operates.

Our Community Work

Tanzania / Ngwala Village

Peak has funded, assisted with, and donated to many community projects in the local area close to the mine. Projects are identified by the Ngwala Village Council based on the needs and priorities of their constituents. These projects are then brought to Peak’s attention at village meetings and developed through further discussion and consultation that includes the broader levels of local administration to ensure they are aligned with the established programs of the district government.