Ngualla ‐ a low cost Magnet Metal rare earth project

The unique combination of high grade mineralisation at surface, a favourable proportion of the Magnet Metals and a simple mineralogy that is amenable to a demonstrated metallurgical process position Ngualla as a uniquely low cost project in both Opex and Capex

The Company is progressing the Bankable Feasibility Study with strategic partners Appian Natural Resources Fund and International Finance Corporation.

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Peak's goal is to generate stakeholder value through the development of the Ngualla Rare Earth Project in Tanzania into a long term, low cost producer of the magnet metals neodymium and praseodymium - the high growth segment of the rare earth market.

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Peak Resources Ngualla - The Magnet Metal Project Investor Presentations

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2016 Project Update

Developing the world-class Ngualla Rare Earth Project into a long term, low cost supplier to the expanding high-tech magnet market.

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